SK+I Journal, Vol 1: Connected Environments

One key driver shaping interior design trends is a deep need for meaningful relationships. Immersed in truncated twitter feeds and an unending barrage of media, individuals and even communities are increasingly isolated and are naturally gravitating toward authentic and meaningful interaction. They are actively seeking emotional connections with their world.

Several factors are shaping and transforming the market, among which three stand out: the algorithmic pace of smart technology and AI, Millennials and their unique worldview, and the coming of age of Generation Z as inheritors of current market decisions.

Collectively, these design and brand influencers are defining expectations of how and what our design services should provide in both tangible and intangible aspects.

The blend of live-work-play or “resi-mercial” has essentially introduced entirely new products and sectors to the market. This trend has changed everything, as our built environments now intrinsically include building relationships and creating connected environments. Read more here:

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