Urban Design

“[SK+I has] demonstrated an entirely new and evocative expertise in the realm of urban design. They have mastered the complex challenge of multifaceted urban stitching—they literally sew together disparate zones of cityscapes that have been torn apart by decades of social and economic abuse, or simply become forlorn out of neglect.”

Randall Ott, Dean, School of Architecture and Planning
The Catholic University of America

At SK+I, we view the well-nurtured neighborhood, town, and city settings as the best opportunity for a rich and full life. As urbanists, we are proponents of mixed-use, walkable urbanism and seek to craft a shared public realm of streets, squares, parks, and neighborhoods to be appropriate spaces of everyday life. As architects, we understand that our buildings are a part of a larger ensemble and have a role to play that supports the urban environment and realizes the potential of the context.