Washington, DC

Bryant Street

1,450 Units
1,550,000 SF Residential
272,000 SF Retail
50,000 SF Entertainment

A gridded framework of streets, open spaces, and pedestrian walk ways, makes multiple connections to its neighbors. While the shopping center had very limited connections to the surroundings due to the topography and land uses, the redevelopment is conceived to extend existing Bryant Street from the neighborhood to the west into the site and make a connection to the Metropolitan Branch Trail and ultimately the Rhode Island Metro Station. 

Bryant Street is a ‘Main Street’ neighborhood center redevelopment of a 13-acre, surface parked, strip shopping center which opened in the early 1980’s. The redevelopment program is for nine buildings hosting 1,500 residential units, 150,000 SF of in-line retail, a 60,000 SF grocer, and a 950 seat dine-in movie theatre.

The architecture is characterized by the incorporation of the styles and motifs of the industrial and warehouse buildings found in the area.

Two sloping streets make the connection from the newly extended Bryant Street down to Rhode Island Ave. A small commercial square at the intersection of Bryant and Greater Mt Calvary Way and a hardscape plaza at the Metropolitan Trail anchor the two ends of the retail street. A strategically situated public park and two stair connections provide links to the adjacent uphill apartment community.

  • 2022 Washington Contractor Award of Merit, Multi-Family/Mixed-Use/Hospitality – Over $100 Million
    2022 GALA Award Grand Winner, Best Design and Architecture, Multi-Family New Construction – Mixed-Use

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