Meral Iskir, FAIA receives The Catholic University of America Joseph Miller Award

In 1974, Meral Iskir, FAIA completed her M.Arch at The Catholic University of America. She was the only female student in her class of 25, and was the first female graduate of the program. Fast forward 45 years on March 20, 2019, Meral received the Joseph Miller Award, the highest honor that the school can grant to an alumnus.Prominence and Old Ivy in Buckhead, Georgia form a new mixed-use development that performs two rare feats of urbanism in a difficult context; it is an ensemble of buildings constructed over time that makes a place, and it activates and humanizes a pedestrian-hostile streetscape on the corner of 6 and 7 lane roads without the benefit of contributing partners on the other side of the street.

Meral Iskir, FAIA receives the Joseph Miller Award from The Catholic University of America

Congratulations on this achievement, Meral! Your team is so proud of you!

About Joseph Miller (from CUA):

This award is named after a much beloved alumnus and professor of the School of Architecture and Planning, Joseph Miller. For many, Joe embodied the spirit of the school, as a master architect and charismatic figure who, at one time, could name all alumni.

At the age of 14, Joe was discovered by Frederick Murphy, the chair of Architecture in the school’s early years. Even at this young age, Joe’s talent was evident. But being from a Jewish family of modest means, he had limited options for higher education. Nevertheless, Frederick Murphy insisted that he apply to The Catholic University of America, going so far as to hold a long discussion with Joe’s father, a butcher in D.C.

Fortunately, Joe applied, starting a lifelong relationship with the University. In addition to creating a successful architecture practice, he served as a part-time professor. Eventually, he was hired full time and became an associate dean of the School of Architecture and Planning.

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