mixed use building architectural design
Arlington, VA

Ballston Macy's

In Design
553 Units
38,650 SF Grocery
1,900 SF Retail

The building is designed to be residentially addressed on both Wilson and Glebe and to transform the adjacent service lane into a pedestrian/vehicular woonerf connecting Wilson Lane to Glebe Road. The retail frontage wraps the corners of Wilson and Glebe extending into the woonerf to assure that the lane is provided with active frontage and restaurant/café seating. On the woonerf side of the building a generous setback above the grocery and parking levels provides appropriate separation to the adjacent building, a patio terrace for the apartments located there, and a well for the grocery store mechanical equipment.

The redevelopment plan of Ballston Quarter Macy's Department Store in Arlington, Virginia is for a 16-story mixed-use residential building. The building contains two levels of below ground resident parking, an approximately 40,000-square foot grocery store and 2,000 square feet of retail space on the ground floor, second floor parking for the retail, and 14 stories of apartments totaling 553 units. The apartments are phased in two towers defined by a common parti wall on the typical floor although joined at the penthouse level to share amenities.
mixed use building exterior

The building is characterized by a vertically proportioned grid frame of 3 story openings that incorporates a shifting narrow panel and window mullion pattern that imparts a great deal of animation and interest to the façade. Projecting balconies are located on the woonerf façade where they can take advantage of the relative quiet and privacy of the side street and minimized on the larger boulevards.

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