The Edge

Bethesda, MD

The Edge is 15-story multifamily tower located on the corner of Edgemoor Lane and Woodmont Ave. with ground-floor commercial space and a below-grade garage. The new building, along with 3,000 sf of public space, will serve as a vital link to the Woodmont Triangle area and Bethesda Row. To ensure the continuity of activity along Woodmont, a predominantly glass façade for the first floor creates a seamless relationship between interior and exterior space. The permeability of the first floor is key to creating a vibrant streetscape while the 3-story section that defines the base of the building is more solid in nature and the syncopated rhythm of it openings ensures an organized and consistent distances between openings.

This is achieved by providing multiple entrances into the building and a visual engagement between pedestrians and residents. In an effort to produce a low impact design, Edgemont’s curved exterior—a response to the unique shape of the existing sit—was designed to maximize sun exposure and natural light. The south and east-facing facades treatments have a higher percentage of glass than the north and west-facing ones. In response, the ratio of glass to solid on each façade is adjusted according to its exposure. Additionally, the project will feature a cool roof with a combination of vegetated, green roof, and high albedo materials and furniture to reduce heat gain from the roof down into the building— providing interior comfort while reducing energy consumption and reducing the carbon footprint of the building.


Under Construction

Base Architecture
185,547 SF Residential
154 Residential Units

IA Concrete

Targeting LEED Gold