SK+I Staff: Ending 2021 on a high note

SK+I ends 2021 on a high note! Congratulations to Toygun Mar, Chris Huffer, Muge Karakus Larney Reed, Lisa Newsome, Virginia Carnrick, Andrew Greenwood, Marisa Colligan Rodriguez, Tim Laubacker, and Yavo Goncu on their new promotions! And we are thrilled to welcome aboard John Kirya, Erin McNamara, and Kyle Quinn.

Following almost a decade of design leadership within SK+I Architecture, Toygun Mar has been promoted to Principal of the Bethesda office. His experience spans over 20 years of varied, international planning and design of large-scale, mixed-use structures across various sectors. He is integral in mentoring junior staff, particularly project conceptualization, quality control, and sustainable design—a passion he feels results in more thoughtful, more diverse, and connected neighborhoods.

SK+I Architecture is excited to announce that Chris Huffer has been promoted to Associate Principal. He’s a collaborative architect with over ten years of varied experience in the design of mixed-use, commercial, hospitality, and ecclesiastical buildings. Chris possesses strong organizational skills, management, and construction experience, enjoys the unique challenges of urban development, and looks for every opportunity to impact communities and innovate design.

Muge Karakus was promoted to Senior Associate. She has cultivated over 20 years of expertise on various projects across several design sectors, including mixed-use, multi-family, commercial, and hospitality. Muge’s passion for creativity, sustainable innovations, and collaborative teamwork has helped her design some of her most remarkable projects: the Istanbul Ritz Carlton Hotel, Chevy Chase’s Wisconsin Place Apartments, and The Bower Condos at the Wharf.

Larney Reed was recently promoted to Senior Associate. With over ten years of experience and a firm belief that it’s crucial to keep innovating and adapting, Larney has successfully managed several large-scale, mixed-use, and master planning projects spanning from Texas to DC. He is adept at establishing a solid rapport with developers, subcontractors, building officials, property managers, and end-users, enabling him to maintain a solid, repeat client base while providing unparalleled service.

Lisa Newsome was promoted to Senior Associate. During her ten years of experience, Lisa has specialized in multifamily, mixed-use design. She has been integral in completing numerous projects throughout the Washington, DC area, including The Lockwood, a 145-unit, boutique apartment community in the heart of Capitol Hill. She actively participates in civic-oriented events focusing on resiliency and is cognizant of the built environment’s overt and subtle impact on its future inhabitants.

Virginia Carnrick was recently promoted to Senior Associate at SK+I Architecture. Masterfully coordinating all aspects of a project, Virginia strives to positively contribute to the built environment. Architecture is her passion, and she is energized by tackling each challenge and finding a sound, workable solution. She has been an integral part of many complex high and mid-rise developments, including the Maren in Navy Yard and the new Bryant Street development in Northeast, DC.

Andrew Greenwood has been promoted to an Associate at SK+I Architecture. He is a strong team player with almost ten years of experience in the mixed-use multifamily industry. Andrew has emerged as a versatile leader and designer who strives to incorporate innovation and sustainable practices across all his projects. His experience consists of senior-living campuses, affordable housing, and several large-scale mixed-use projects, including the new Bryant Street development in Northeast, DC.

Marisa Rodriguez has been promoted to an Associate at SK+I Architecture. As an adept architect with over a decade of diverse and unique experience in mixed-use, multifamily, commercial, institutional, and aviation design, she is passionate about integrating sustainable practices in interior and architectural design. And as an adept architect and strong project manager, her commitment to high-quality design ensures her ability to bring the client’s vision to life.

Tim Laubacker has been promoted to an Associate at SK+I Architecture. Nearly eight years of experience has shaped this strong leader whose strengths include advancing sustainable design strategies, critical thinking, and master planning. His design talent and commitment to high-quality design ensure his ability to bring every client’s vision to life. Tim’s passion for design stems from the enjoyment of creating spaces that impact people’s daily lives and influence the built environments.

Yavuz Goncu has been promoted to an Associate at SK+I Architecture! He brings over 15 years of unique experience in architecture, environmental design, and 3D visualization. His architectural career began in Istanbul, where he gained experience working on various commercial and hospitality projects. Yavuz is passionate about good design, inspiring architecture, and how the future of technology influences the built environment.


John Kirya | Staff Architect

Erin McNamara | Project Manager

Kyle Quinn | Staff Architect

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