Burlington, VT

The Snyder Property in Williston—a suburb of Burlington, Vermont—is a concept design for a neighborhood addition off Essex Road within a 10-minute walk to the Maple Tree Place Town Center. It is a compact neighborhood that is characterized by an interconnected grid of streets and blocks, a rich and varied mix of housing types, and several open spaces that include a large central park serving as a preserved wetland and an amenity for the community. As the regional trail system courses through the new park, the central park provides amenities to the larger area as well. The building fabric of the neighborhood is comprised of several housing types for a visually rich and inclusive community including 65 senior living units, 130 market-rate apartments, and 145 townhouses, duplexes, and single-family homes.

The open spaces in the neighborhood are centered around a large wetland area that is conceived as a central park with community amenities such as picnic areas, firepit seating, interpretative gardens, rain gardens, and boardwalks stretching throughout the wetlands. Additional spaces in the neighborhood include the townhouse mews space which is a small, passive recreation and ornamental area that terminates the main north/south internal street; an important tree save area that occupies an existing rock outcropping; and a small roundabout that punctuates the end of Alpine Drive at Chelsea Commons.

Urban Design

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80 Acres

145 Townhouses, Duplexes, and Single-family Homes
130 Market-rate Units
65 Senior Living Units