West Square

Boston, MA

The West Square project is designed to reinforce and enhance the existing urban fabric and to accentuate the public space while addressing the length of the block on West First and West Second Streets. A strong urban edge is provided while a generous setback allows for a large yet urban green buffer between the residential units and the public realm.

The setback encourages wider sidewalks that will enhance the pedestrian experience around the entire block and will serve as an impetus to the design of the adjacent blocks therefore creating a comfortable and vibrant pedestrian network throughout the neighborhood.

The massing and architecture takes its cues from the building layout strategy and provides a rhythm and articulation that breaks the long side of the block while emphasizing the corners at West First Street and D Street, and West Second and C Street. The scale of the building is further alleviated by the use of three story projections, particularly along West Second Street, that provide a continuous datum of approximately thirty-five feet above the sidewalk. The reduction in height of the building projections helps integrate the building to the overall scale of the neighborhood while keeping a strong identity as the newcomer on the block.

Completed 2014

260,000 SF Residential
255 Apartments

V A Wood Construction