The Centre at Red Bank

Red Bank, NJ

The Red Bank Station Area Plan is a vision for a public-private joint development at the historic Red Bank New Jersey Transit Station. The redevelopment utilizes underperforming surface parking lots at the station to provide sites for new building development. Studies have shown that residents who choose to live in transit-oriented developments are likely to boost the ridership of the transit system.

The vision is eminently practical in that it works within the context to make the most of the existing conditions. The bus operations, existing power lines, street ROWs, viewsheds to historic structures, NJ Transit parking program, and kiss-and-ride operations are either accommodated for or not altered in the redevelopment plans. Instead, new apartments, townhomes, and commercial and amenity spaces are placed in a new community context to re-connect the street grid to the neighborhood. Originally, transit maintenance operations disrupted the street grid, and this plan seeks to restore historic connections and minimize the interruption.

Urban Design

In Design

12 acres

35,000 sf Retail and Amenities
300 Units
7 Townhomes