The Atworth at Mellody Farm

Vernon Hills, IL

The Atworth at Mellody Farm is a 7-acre residential project in Vernon Hills featuring 260 luxury apartment homes. The larger development incorporates 28 acres of land dedicated to retail, as well as reserving 24 acres of public, green space. This project, from start to finish, was developed with the land’s rich history in mind. The development’s overall design utilizes a unique architectural style—a harmony of modern-industrial and eclectic architecture with rustic finishes giving a nod to the rich history of the land. The development was constructed using 100+-year old reclaimed materials from around Chicago, further honoring the land’s past significantly.

The project incorporates beautiful unique elements such as murals completed by local artists and students, artisan-crafted benches, and a wide range of amenities to promote community building within the space. The Atworth takes a traditionally urban concept—a one-of-a-kind, walkable, retail, and residential environment and successfully transports it to the suburbs—making resourceful use of the numerous acres of land.


Completed 2018

306,000 SF Residential
260 Residential Units

Type VA Construction