The Apollo wins ULI Trends Award for Best Mixed-Use Development!

Congratulations to The Apollo for winning the 2019 ULI Trends Award for Best Mixed-Use Development!

Check out the full list of winners here.

The Apollo is located in northeast Washington, DC in the rapidly expanding H Street corridor. The project connects multiple lots facing four streets around the block and, in order to accommodate the building massing and the necessary footprint, the lots are grouped and alley configurations are modified. The building massing on H Street is defined in sections to create visual interest in the urbanscape and avoids a long, monotonous wall along the street. The large-scale of The Apollo, and the inclusion of Whole Foods Market, makes it the heart of the residential and retail portion of the bustling H Street entertainment district.

Three distinctly related buildings, or architectural components, break up the massing and scale along the block. The buildings are composed through a solid six-story brick base with a rather regular geometry that anchors the composition to the urban grid; and a lighter, more transparent element that articulates the corners, the tops, and main vertical and horizontal building accents. This lighter element varies its geometry to create dents into the urban skyline, bringing more light and air to the street and creating a distinct character towards the urbanscape. The project is LEED Gold Certified.

More photos of The Apollo here.

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