Dr. Abed Benzina


Dr. Abed Benzina, a Principal with SK+I since 1999, has more than 25 years of experience in Urban and Architectural Design. His concentration on housing addresses both high and low-density residential projects, as well as mixed-use development.

Abed’s expertise with project design and planning leads to timeless architecture that fits seamlessly into the surrounding urban fabric. His unique understanding of the relationship between design and technical requirements, coupled with his knowledge of building code requirements has been a key asset to SK+I’s ability to meet jurisdictional requirements and the demands of clients.

As a team leader and project manager, Abed integrates his understanding of housing design, urban design, technology, building codes, and socio-economic factors to further advance the quality of housing design and production in the metropolitan area.


Diplome d’ Architecture – Ecole Polytechnique d’ Architecture et d’ Urbanisme d’ Alger

Master of Architecture and Urban Design – Washington University in St. Louis

Doctorate of Architecture – The Catholic University of America

City of Alexandria – Beauregard Design Review Committee